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About This Project

Cloudsclock is the leader in the fields of cloud technologies, cloud computing and advanced technologies. Headquartered in Odessa, Ukraine, Cloudsclock invents new technologies of the future. Our main goal is to provide people with solutions that serve human digital needs and make life easier. We are achieving that through innovative, reliable products and services. Since the founding of our company, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible.
We’re reinventing the clock. With technological evolution new innovative ways for telling time emerge. We now have unprecedented tools, materials and productions techniques to produce timepieces which push the technological limits. Clocks are changing, our products are next generation timepieces with big functionality. We will provide you with:
People are looking for a new technological era, and Cloudsclock is leading the way. Now you can have everything you need for your everyday life just in one compact device. Our products are letting you get rid of all unnecessary devices and to make your life easier. All of our clients are provided with personal cloud which is a collection of digital content and services accessible from any device. The personal cloud is not a tangible entity, it’s a whole new world to be discovered.
For the past 10 years we have been creating this unique technology and now we are ready to expand it to the planetary size. Join us in our journey.


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#Logo #Folio 2018 @Behance: «LOGO FOLIO 2018» By Stan Levandovsky
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Время на всех парах метется по встречке закладывая виражи то тут то там, оставляя следы паленой резины... Каждая…
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Продам машину!