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Crystal Font 2

Letters | Digits | Punctuation | Objects | Shapes | Backgrounds | AE Opener Project

About This Project

Letters | Digits | Punctuation | Objects | Shapes | Backgrounds | AE Opener Project
New horizons are opened only to those who are not afraid to experiment. We had to spend three months on experimentation and experiments with computer-graphics and the result is in front of you! Meet – Crystal Font 2 with Opener & Shapes with Titles!
This is quantum leap in the world of fonts and animation. We hope that you will appreciate this breakthrough in the world of art. Therefore, we have worked not only to maximize the font and its accompanying objects. The result is a very rich tool.
With this unique set, you can easily create anything from commercials to music videos for stars. Also, you can make channel or TV show unique crystal brand style from Reborn studio.

Design, Motion Graphics

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Levandovsky Stan
@LevandovskyStanJan 01
#Logo #Folio 2018 @Behance: «LOGO FOLIO 2018» By Stan Levandovsky
Levandovsky Stan
@LevandovskyStanDec 21
Время на всех парах метется по встречке закладывая виражи то тут то там, оставляя следы паленой резины... Каждая…
Levandovsky Stan
@LevandovskyStanDec 17
Продам машину!